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Founded in 2016. The Empowered Foundation mission is to inspire and empower individuals who have been impacted by traumatic life events to talk and connect about experiences.

2007 was a rough year for both Caleigh and Bridget. That April, Caleigh’s little sister Brooke was taken to the hospital where they found a brain tumor. The tumor did end up being cancerous and has brought many hardships for the family since then. The next month, in May, Bridget’s older brother Shawn was killed in a misunderstanding at a bar. While they both faced many obstacles throughout the years little did they know that going to the University of Iowa and joining the same sorority would bring them together to create Empowered Foundation.

While their stories differ in many ways, the lack of community they searched for throughout the years was the same. At a young age Caleigh looked to adults for answer about what was going on around her and Bridget kept everything inside instead of telling people how she truly felt. Later down the road they both realized that what they really needed was someone that could relate to them and understand what they were going through.

After almost 10 years of confusion the two have come together in the hopes of impacting siblings like them so they have a community and peers to talk to. It is through the strength of Brooke and Shawn that they fight to empower and inspire siblings like them through Empowered Foundation.

Brooke Bemont
Bridget and Shawn
Bridget and Shawn
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